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This German super brand is one of the most recognizable sports giants in the world. Adidas came from humble beginnings in 1924, and since then has grown into a huge provider of sportswear, training shoes, kids wear, activity trackers, and sporting equipment. The miCoach line of products is Adidas’ addition to the fitness tracking playground, and we have to say, the miCoach is up there with some of the best.

miCoach Fit Smart

The Adidas miCoach Fit Smart tracks pace, distance, and stride while keeping in sync with your heart rate via its Mio continuous optical heart monitor.

miCoach Smart Run

miCoach Smart Run is dedicated to the runners out there who want to step it up a notch. It can coach you via visual or audio messages.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.

miCoach Heart Rate Monitor

Adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor is on a textile strap and tracks your pulse, sending data straight to your miCoach app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
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