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Apple Inc. is worldwide famous for its revolutionary designed, super user-friendly innovative products. Its first wearable device, the long-anticipated Apple Watch, was released in April 2015, and is no exception.  This smartwatch incorporates fitness and health tracking, music and photo control, NFC (near field communication), text, caller, social notifications, and integration with different iOS apps. There are 3 various types of the device: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. 


Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in 38 unique hardware, 3 models, 2 sizes and many straps, designs and colors to pick from. It’s scratch proof, but not waterproof.

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is a stylish offering that comes with all the hardware needed to track fitness in great detail.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.

Apple Watch 3

Series 3 is a step into the future, giving wearers a true hands-free experience and functions as a phone, able to make calls, with Siri transcribing messages.
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