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The Fitbit team is passionate about health and fitness and is dedicated to creating fun and easy ways of transforming their customers’ lives.  

Their three lines of products include activity trackers and fitness watches for everyday fitness, active fitness and performance use, targeted at various budgets. Also, their smart scale can help you to track your weight goal progress towards a healthier and happier version of yourself. They are also known for their large Fitbit community with plenty of fitness challenges to join.



Known as the “Ultimate Fitness Super Watch”, Surge is great for serious runners, displaying run time, distance, pace, elevation stats, workout summaries, routes.


Flex is a perfect tracker for fitness motivation. Its LEDs light up like a scoreboard as you get closer to completing your step, calorie or distance goal.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


Zip is the most basic Fitbit tracker - a clip that can be easily attached to clothes. It tracks steps, distance traveled, active minutes and calories burned.


Fitbit One tracks all of the major fitness metrics, but also keeps an eye on you while you catch some ZZZs. It also gently wakes you up with its smart alarm.


Fitbit Charge is a more advanced fitness tracker than Fitbit's previous generations - Zip, One and Flex, as it lets you see each and every stat in real time.

Alta HR

The Alta HR not only tracks your heart rate, sleep stages and fitness levels but intelligently organises activity data by type.


Fitbit Aria smart scale tracks weight, lean mass, body fat percentages and BMI. It recognizes up to 8 different individuals and keeps results private.


Fitbit has introduced the brand new smart fitness tracker - Fitbit Blaze, a stylish watch that has the best features Fitbit has been known for and much more!


Fitbit Alta has all standard features, plus an OLED display, smart notifications, and an idle control to remind you to make at least 250 steps an hour.

Charge 2

After two years Fitbit has upgraded its popular Charge fitness tracker with the new and improved Charge 2.

Flex 2

Flex 2 is designed with not just functionality, but fashion in mind; available as a wristband, bangle or pendant – depending on your style.


The Fitbit Ionic is perfect for those looking for added functionality. Music lovers will rejoice at being able to listen to their favourite workout songs.
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