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This all-American watchmaker, which was founded in 1984, now boasts more than 400 retail shops, and 13,000 employees worldwide. Not bad for a company that’s only 32 years old! Also, they are building a multi-brand portfolio with the likes of Armani Exchange, Diesel and Kate Spade while moving into the world of wearables.


Q Dreamer

Fossil Q Dreamer looks like a sleek leather bracelet, and it tracks calories burnt, steps taken, receives notifications and syncs with Android or iOS apps.

Q Reveler

Similar to the Q Dreamer, the Reveler tracks your activity, and allows you to receive notifications but also gives you daily inspiration!
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.

Q Marshal

This everyday timepiece is available in a range of styles, with a customisable face able to accommodate any 22mm leather strap.

Q Wander

The Fossil Q Wander is a smooth timepiece, with a customisable watch face and various 22mm leather straps to choose from.

Q Founder

This device can be synced with any Android or iOS smartphone, allowing wearers to receive notifications about incoming texts, calls and social media updates.
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