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Huawei first started developing products in 2003, and since then has branched out into mobile phone devices, mobile broadband, and home devices. As of 2014, less than 15 years after conception, Huawei’s products and services were available in 170 countries and dealt with a third of the world population. Wearables are one of their newer endeavors, and they have not disappointed.


TalkBand B2

TalkBand B2 is not just a smart band, but a hands-free set too. You can easily access your health data and notifications on the touch and swipe screen.

TalkBand B1

TalkBand B1 looks much sportier and fun than its predecessor, and is an excellent companion for the more active lifestyle - from running to swimming it can track your activity, and its waterproof up to 1 m.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


This Huawei Watch with inbuilt pulse monitor keeps track of your daily activity, and can figure out when you are walking, running, or climbing.

TalkBand N1

The TalkBand N1 is a stylish Bluetooth headset that looks like a necklace. But it also collects your activity data and has an MP3 chip built in. This Huawei device tracks all your activity, and you can also jog along to some music with it. The best price on the market, buy NOW.


This fitness watch conveys the utmost elegance and class. Aside from its cool, minimal aesthetic, it monitors your workouts, activity, sleep and notifications.


The Huawei Fit is a compact smartwatch with extensive features. A built-in heart rate tracker shows whether you are doing fat burning or aerobic exercise.

Watch 2

This smartwatch is not only designed with classic aesthetics in mind but is 4G enabled, making it perfect for long runs outdoors or hikes.

TalkBand B3

Though TalkBand B3 is a fashion accessory first and a tracker second, it tracks calories, steps and distance for a variety of activities, and sleep quality.

TalkBand B3 Lite

The TalkBand B3 Lite is a smart band and Bluetooth headset rolled into one. It tracks steps, pace and calories, while also monitoring sleep quality.

Band 3e

Huawei’s Band 3e is a fitness tracker that packs a lot of punch at an entry-level price. The Band 3e tracks steps, calories burned and monitors sleep.
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