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This new Swiss-based company’s sole focus is wearable devices. Founded in 2013, the MyKronoz brand aims to provide 'stylish, intuitive, and functional tech accessories’ to people of all different lifestyles.



ZeFit is the most basic wearable of the MyKronoz collection. It shows all your stats such as steps, distance, calories, sleep activity, goals, and reminders.

ZeFit2 Pulse

ZeFit2 Pulse is the more advanced younger brother of the ZeFit, and has the added bonus of a heart rate monitor.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.

ZeWatch 3

ZeWatch 3 allows you to receive calls and talk on the go, as well as tracking your activity and keeping focused on your fitness.


ZeBracelet2 is a fine option to track your activity and set goals. You can also make calls and receive all notifications to your wrist.


ZeCircle's simple touchscreen display allows you to scroll through all your activity stats - steps, distance travelled, sleep time and quality.


The Mykronoz ZeFit3 tracks steps, distance and calories burned for a range of activities, as well as sleep patterns.

ZeFit 3 HR

This affordable wearable not only measures steps, distance, sleep patterns and calories burned but tracks heart rate too.

ZeCircle 2

This is a minimalist offering, with a round, customisable watch face, which monitors steps, distance, sleep and calories burned across a range of activities.

ZeWatch 4

This smartwatch monitors steps, distance, calories and sleep, allowing users to set daily goals, analyse their performance and view progress via the ZeFit app.

ZeWatch 4 HR

This chic smartwatch tracks steps, calories, distance, sleep and pulse and can be synced with the ZeFit app on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.


The MyKronoz ZeRound is a modern wristwatch with a circular, full-colour touchscreen, measuring steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep cycles.


The ZeSport is a durable smartwatch, designed for the modern athlete. It not only monitors steps, distance, calories and sleep, but heart rate, too.


This is a unique hybrid smartwatch, featuring both mechanical hands and a full-colour touchscreen. It monitors steps, distance, calories, sleep and pulse.

ZeFit 4

The ZeFit4 features a tall, full-colour touchscreen display on a narrow strap and monitors steps, distance, sleep cycles and calories burned.

ZeFit 4 HR

This device tracks steps, distance travelled, calories burned, sleep patterns and heart rate. It can be synced with any iOS, Android or Windows phone.

ZeRound 2

This watch can be synced with any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device, and can be used to make calls, manage reminders or view smart notifications.
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