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Polar originated in Finland in the late 70’s as the pioneer for wireless heart rate monitoring, and to be frank, haven’t stopped innovating and creating since. Over the years, Polar has created models that are for basic training and tracking, all the way through to advanced scientific products for the elite athletes. Their watches are tailored to meet a range of different activity levels and training types.



The A300 Polar watch features a range of activity tracking: steps taken, calories burnt and distance travelled, and tells you when you’ve met your targets.


Polar Loop displays your activity on the screen and makes sure you are reaching your goals with feedback about your daily, weekly, and monthly activity.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


Polar M400 Watch has advanced features from general activity tracking to more in depth running analysis and customized personal goals. Best price on the market for the best personal tracker. Buy online NOW. Enjoy this blue color watch and track your improvements.


Polar V800 is a cool GPS heart rate monitor watch with pretty much all the tracking abilities you can think of - it can track your heart rate under water!

Loop 2

Polar Loop 2 has all the great benefits of the Loop and more! The smart coaching lets you know how to get into shape and shows how active your day has been.


The first of the Polar range to have tracking abilities as well as a wrist-based heart rate monitor, the A360 is a game changer for Polar.

H7 Heart Rate Sensor

H7 Heart Rate Sensor is a great attachable and detachable accessory that monitors pulse, and is compatible with a wide range of Polar fitness watches.


The Polar A370 wrist tracker offers coaching and feedback on both workout and sleep performance, allowing wearers to understand how they can improve.


The Polar Balance is a smart scale, providing a holistic weight management tool for users to set goals and get coached by the Flow app in how to get there.


The waterproof Polar M600 is a durable smartwatch, designed for the modern athlete, tracking heart rate, calories and performance across a range of activities.


This water-resistant smartwatch is all about functionality, with built-in heart rate, GPS and 24/7 activity tracking.

H10 Heart Rate Sensor

The H10 allows wearers to monitor their heart rates across a range of activities, even while swimming, and can be synced post-workout.
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