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The A300 Polar watch is categorized under fitness and cross training, and is described as ‘made to move’. It features an all-inclusive range of activity tracking, from steps taken to calories burnt and distance travelled; and it’ll proudly tell you when you’ve met your targets for the day; furthermore connect it up to the Polar Flow app to view your longer term progress. You can easily see how the A300 is benefitting you, as it can fitness test you to see what progress you have made. Although it doesn’t come with an inbuilt heart rate monitor, when paired with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor it can tell you how much fat you are burning and whether you are working to your full potential. The idle alert encourages movement and makes you aware as to when you have been inactive for too long; but when it comes to sleeping, the A300 knows how to track sleep movement and quality so you can get the best out of your days and nights. All features aside, the A300 Polar watch comes with some funky interchangeable straps to reflect your individuality.

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Smart Alarm
Food Log
Caller ID
GPS Tracking
Posture Correction
Music Control
inKin Support
Idle Alert
Bluetooth Wireless Call
Water Resistant
Smart Coach
Multiple User Recognition
Additional HR Monitor
Automatic Calorie Intake
Automatic Hydration Level
Energy Balance
Nutrients Intake (Fat, Carbs, Protein)
Involuntary Behavior
Stress Level
Wireless via WiFi
Wireless via Bluetooth
Battery Type / Charger
Replaceable Battery
Magnetic Charger
Wireless Charger
Lithium-Polymer Battery
Data Viewing
Web/ Desktop
Worn on
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.
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