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Striiv is all about that healthy lifestyle we all aim for, and with a number of trackers to choose from you can be sure to find what suits you. From a simple tracker to an all-inclusive heart rate monitor fitness watch, Striiv aims to make healthy living a way of life, not an effort.

Fusion Lite

Fusion Lite is the baby version of the Fusion, hence the ‘Lite’. It has all the same tracking features and connects to your Striiv app for viewing progress.

Fusion 2

This device is a casual addition to the wardrobe, which tracks steps, distance, calories burned and also sleep quantity and quality.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.

Fusion Bio 2

This band offers an all-in-one fitness solution, acting as a tracker and a health journal. It monitors pulse, steps, distance, calories, active time and sleep.

Apex HR

The Striiv Apex HR is a slim tracker, which monitors heart rate, steps, distance walked, calories burned and sleep around the clock.

Dash HR

Striiv’s Dash HR is a convenient fitness tracker with all the functions and features needed for lifestyle and fitness monitoring.

Fusion Bio 2 Plus

The Fusion Bio 2 is a great activity tracker at a very reasonable price that gives users activity, lifestyle, sleep, and heart rate monitoring.
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