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Multi Sport GPS Watch

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Wearable Distance Activity Burned Calories TomTom Multi Sport GPS Watch
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Like the Multi-Sport Cardio, this GPS watch has features for tracking cycling and swimming. As a cycling device, it works well and even comes with a bike mount.

Other features include interval training, where you can set your own program to improve speed and fitness. For runners, the watch tracks how far you ran, how long it took, calories burned and your pace. For cycling, the GPS tracks location and elevation against time. For serious cyclers, consider investing in the optional cadence or speed sensor, to give details of how fast you are pedaling and the resulting wheel revolutions. Finally, when you hit the water, the Multi-Sport tracks the number of lengths and translates this into a distance, via the length of the pool. It also records the number of strokes you make and their type. The basic Multi-Sport comes in gray or dark pink, and the One-Button Control System makes finding your way around the menu very easy because all you need to do is scroll left-right or up-down – making it simple to use and intuitive. 

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Smart Alarm
Food Log
Caller ID
GPS Tracking
Posture Correction
Music Control
inKin Support
Idle Alert
Bluetooth Wireless Call
Water Resistant
Smart Coach
Multiple User Recognition
Additional HR Monitor
Automatic Calorie Intake
Automatic Hydration Level
Energy Balance
Nutrients Intake (Fat, Carbs, Protein)
Involuntary Behavior
Stress Level
Wireless via WiFi
Wireless via Bluetooth
Battery Type / Charger
Replaceable Battery
Magnetic Charger
Wireless Charger
Lithium-Polymer Battery
Data Viewing
Web/ Desktop
Worn on
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.
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