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17 Jan

5 Fantastic Corporate Wellness Case Studies To Get Inspired By. Part 2

Not too long ago on the blog, we wrote a post about several companies that are really setting an example of successful corporate wellness programs.

Some of the companies we highlighted were Google, Zappos, and Houston Methodist. We loved these stories so much, we wanted to delve into some other companies to see how they put their own twist on corporate wellness. Here are five more case studies of corporate wellness programs to learn from.


1. Accenture

Accenture is a strategy and consulting company that works over three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies. And according to an article from Monster.com by Lily Martis, the company not only excels at providing excellent services but also taking care of their employees. 

On top of the typical corporate wellness incentives like providing discounts at gyms and online fitness classes, Accenture recognizes the importance of mental health as well. They provide confidential assistance to employees struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol abuse. A fun twist they have in their corporate wellness program is asking employees to set their own fitness goals and providing them with rewards for completing them.


2. Asana

Asana, the software company, is one of those companies you hear about that offers nap rooms for their employees. But some other ways they have put their own spin on corporate wellness is by providing unlimited PTO. They do this to help employees find a healthy work/life balance.

Martis explains that Asana has on-site yoga so you can take some time during the workday to stretch and clear your mind. And perhaps best of all, employees can get three meals a day cooked on-site with organic, locally sourced ingredients. 

Additionally, they encourage mentoring so individuals can work towards career advancement. Asana doesn't let staff members schedule meetings on Wednesdays. And they offer workshops on health-related topics once a month.


3. Intuit

Intuit is an example of another technology company that understands the importance of mental health when it comes to corporate wellness. For example, an employee might walk into a meeting to see a "mindful moment" tip on the whiteboard in the room.

The company also incentives other ways of being mindful like taking a walk, focusing on breathing, and Intuit reimburses classes that focus on meditation and mindfulness. These are all measures in the company's "Fit for Life" program.


4. Microsoft

We've come to expect big tech companies are going to have awesome wellness programs. And Microsoft is no exception. To begin, Microsoft will not only pay for your gym membership, but they also pay for fitness related equipment. Stock up your home gym on company dollar? Sounds amazing, right? 

The Microsoft campus offers free Zumba classes, a running/walking track, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a baseball diamond. So whether you would rather work out in a fitness class setting, take a walk on your own, or gather your co-workers for a game of pick up basketball, exercise is encouraged.

When it comes to mental health, they offer free personal and family counselling, stress management, and support for elder care.


5. Corporate Wellness at Your Business

Are you inspired to take the corporate wellness up a notch after hearing about these stories? Perhaps having individual wellness consulting, adding a baseball diamond or serving healthy meals isn't an option for your current situation. But there are always lots of things that can be changed to let employees know their company cares about their physical and mental health. Bring in a lunch hour yoga class. Talk to the powers that be about offering more mental health benefits to the health insurance plan. Or simply start a virtual corporate wellness platform at inKin with our exclusive 30-day free and no-strings-attached trial.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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