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04 Feb

6 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

​Valentine's Day is coming, and this year, you want to do something different! You don't want a holiday focused on food choices that have the potential to blow your budget and your wellness plans for the year. Instead, try some of these great ideas to help you spend a special day with someone you love while still getting out, getting active, and keeping your eye on your fitness goals.

1. Put a Race on the Schedule

Take a look at your local runs, including running clubs. Who is running a fun 5k for Valentine's Day? Whether you run on Valentine's Day or over the weekend, you may be able to find a chocolate race, a lovebird race, or a wide range of other fun run options that will help you get your steps in and enjoy time with your sweetheart at the same time. Run it together for extra fun!


2. Schedule a Couples' Day at the Gym

Have you and your partner talked for years about getting a personal trainer, but never quite gotten around to it? Why not make it a Valentine's Day gift for each other? Schedule a personal training session for Valentine's Day. Use the same trainer to work on great couples' fitness exercises or hire separate trainers, then come back together at the end of your session. When you work out together, you won't just get the benefits of getting hot and sweaty together. You'll also have the chance to become your partner's best support system, encouraging each other to reach new heights. 


3. Head Out for a Long Bike Ride

What could be more romantic than a long, smooth ride through the park or the mountains? Pack a picnic filled with healthy favorites, then go for a long bike ride with your sweetheart. Pack on the miles and let the hours slip away as you chat with one another from the back of your bikes. You'll get all the benefits of those endorphins and incredible quality time together at the same time!


4. Plan an Adventure

Have you always wanted to go hiking together? What about rock climbing? Are you eager to hit up a trampoline park? This Valentine's Day, plan an adventure with your partner. Choose something that will help challenge you to reach new heights, but that is well within both your physical abilities and your partner's. You'll get a great adrenaline rush from heading out on an adventure, not to mention a fantastic memory to share. 


5. Try a Class Together

Is there something you and your partner have always wanted to learn how to do? A class you'd love to attend at the gym, but that you're afraid to check out on your own? Put it on the schedule for Valentine's Day! Whether you're checking out a salsa class to help spice things up or heading to the gym for yoga or spin class that you've always wanted to try, challenge each other to check out a class that you think you'd both enjoy. 


6. Get Competitive

Have you ever played one-on-one basketball with your partner? What about a game of tennis? This Valentine's Day, get a little competitive! Check out a sport that you've both always wanted to play, then get hot and sweaty together. Consider offering a fun prize for the winner, whether it's picking the restaurant for dinner or something a little spicier. Or simply start a 24-hour step duel on inKin.


What are your plans this Valentine's Day? Do you have something fantastic in mind already, or are you looking for a new activity that will allow you to keep your fitness goals at the forefront while making some amazing memories with your partner? Try some of these great ideas for a holiday to remember. 

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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