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by inKin
17 Feb

6 Tips for a Productive Morning Routine

"How you start your day is how you live your day and how you live your day is how you live your life." - Louise Hay

Have you ever thought about how important it is to start your day in the right way? Yes, the new normal has changed our mornings dramatically. We do not need to drag ourselves out of bed, dress, and rush out of the house anymore. But, no one has canceled the importance of healthy morning habits, right? On the contrary, since we have less stressful mornings, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to root a healthy and productive morning routine and transform our lives. Let's go.  


How long should the morning routine take? 


The answer is - no strict timing exists. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Are you working in the evenings, or do you have a baby who is not sleeping well at night ?. There are a variety of scenarios, and the amount of time may vary from person to person. If you are a night owl, then getting up an hour earlier to do various things would seem like a nightmare.

Meanwhile, getting up 60 minutes earlier for the early birds will not be a big issue. So the morning rituals may vary from 10 minutes up to 90 minutes, just depending on your circumstances and habits. Here is a list of morning routines that are easy to follow and will not take much time.  


Start the Night Before 

To cut morning stress and to minimize the decision-making process:

Start your morning the night before. Check your schedule for the next day and write down your to-do-list. Cook your food for the next day to make sure you have your lunch and snacks ready and so you don't waste time putting something together or ordering during the workday.

The most important part of the routine is to try to sleep and wake at the same time each day. Several studies have shown that being consistent with your sleep schedule increases the quality and quantity of sleep and improves overall health.


Say Thank You

Start your morning with gratitude and appreciation of whatever you have, and forgive yourself for the failures and mistakes. Say thank you for all the small things that have happened to you - sunny weather, meeting up with friends, delicious dinner, hugs with loved ones, etc. Little by little, you will notice the positive changes that come into your life. Robert Emmenson, who studied the connection between gratitude and happiness, has researched how gratitude influences happiness. He mentioned that regular grateful thinking could increase happiness by as much as 25 percent while keeping a gratitude journal for as little as three weeks results in better sleep and more energy.


Get Into a Child's Pose

Child's Pose or Balansana is one of yoga's essential resting poses, and it is a wonderful way to gently stretch your body in the morning and reconnect with your breath. You can do this pose from your bed or on your yoga mat. 

From a kneeling position, spread your knees as wide as your mat, connect your big toes. Fold forward and put your forehead on the floor. Place the arms by your sides or extend them forward with the palms facing down.   


KEEP IN MIND! Breathing is the key in this pose. Breathe in and out through the nose from 10 to 15 times. It will help boost your energy and prepare your body and mind for the upcoming day.  


Grab Lemon Water  

Have you heard about the magic of lemon water? As simple as it լmay seem, lemon water is a powerful antioxidant and contains a high amount of acids and potassium, which are all necessary to maintain your health. One cup of lemon water in the morning will boost your digestive system by removing toxins, improve your immune system, your skin and hydrate your body. Just squeeze half of a lemon into a glass and add room temperature water to get the maximum benefits.


Put Some Music On 

What else could have a profound impact on your mood if not music? DON'T check your email or social media first thing in the morning. Instead, put on some upbeat music to set the tone for the whole day and improve brain function. Music psychologist and Cambridge Ph.D. candidate David M. Greenberg and Spotify's data team have even put together a list of wake up songs and identified three features that perfect morning music should possess: positivity, gentle start, and a strong beat.


Don't Skip Breakfast

No need to mention that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping breakfast means starting your day with no energy.

And even though it is tempting to eat croissants, muffins, and pancakes with sweet toppings, try to go for a healthier alternative. 


What should you eat for breakfast? - a balanced meal that has carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and vitamins. The essential nutrients your body needs in the morning. An ideal breakfast could be Greek yogurt with fruits /fresh or frozen/nuts and seeds. Another perfect breakfast idea is chia seed pudding. Just add coconut or almond milk to chia seeds, leave for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible. Stir to break up the clumps and add some maple syrup or honey and berries.


Although the suggested tips for a productive and stress-free morning are quite simple, it could be a challenge at first to keep track of them. There are many ways you can keep track of your habits. For example, you can make a list and hang it up in a visible place in your bedroom, so it will be the first thing you will see in the morning. Or you can use an app to track your progress and all the new habits you are building. inKin's Multimetric Challenge is a habit tracker that allows you to launch a goal-building challenge with up to 15 health metrics and customizable daily tasks. 




Photo Credit: Unsplash


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