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by inKin
31 Dec

8 Simple Lifehacks To Make You Feel Happy And Healthy Every Day

Setting fitness resolutions can feel like a real challenge, especially if you don't have any idea how you're going to get to your ultimate goal. Following in the footsteps of people who have gone before you and seen success can make the entire process easier. These 8 healthy habits of successful and active people will help you reach your fitness goals and see the success you're looking for.


1. Get Up Off The Couch And Get Moving

Don't sit around watching television with all your off hours. When relaxing,  get up and move around periodically or simply find ways to relax through movement and activity instead of vegging in front of the television. 


2. Set Goals

This might take the form of a list of resolutions: "This year, I'm going to work out, at least, three times per week, every week." "This year, I'm going to lift twenty pounds more than last year." It could also take the form of challenges: to be able to run a mile (or more) without stopping; to take a certain number of steps every day. Ideally, those goals are defined by a time frame to add a sense of urgency. 


3. Acknowledge What It's Going To Take To Reach Those Goals

Take the time to break your goals down and know what the short-term steps look like to reach long-term goals. Don't be sitting around waiting for your goals to happen magically; instead,  pursue the steps that will take you to go after them.


4. Make Lifestyle Changes Instead Of Dieting

Sure, cutting white flour out of your diet short-term might give you the immediate results you're looking for, but it probably won't stick with you. As soon as you stop the diet, those pounds will find ways to come creeping back. Lifestyle changes like avoiding bad carbs and limiting sweets, however, are more likely to create results that will stick.


5. Get Plenty Of Good Quality Sleep

You will be going to need energy to tackle the day ahead and your body functions more efficiently when you've had adequate sleep. Turning in on time is a higher priority than watching another episode on Netflix or partying with friends until late in the evening.


6. Be Accountable

Build a community around you that supports you in your healthy endeavors and encourages you to succeed. Seeking out people to go on this fitness journey with you is deliberate, not something that happens by accident.


7. Drink Plenty Of Water

Like getting plenty of sleep, adequately hydrating your body will make it more efficiently. You'll feel better, have more energy, and be more likely to pursue the activities you have in mind. Not only that, adequate hydration will help you reach your fitness goals, especially if they include losing weight.


8. Look For Excuses To Be More Active

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, especially if you're only going up one floor. Park at the back of the parking lot instead of circling it for twenty minutes looking for a space near the front. Go for a walk on the lunch break. Wherever you can fit in activity, take advantage of it. 

Increasing your activity level and succeeding at your fitness goals is a process. It doesn't happen overnight, but with time, you can build healthy habits that will push you on your way to success. As you develop healthy habits, you'll be able to watch your body change as you meet and even exceed your fitness goals.


Photo Credit: Bigstockphoto


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