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by inKin
10 Dec

Fitbit: All You Need To Know About Your Fitness Buddy

Looking for a fun and stylish way to get into better shape and stay active? If so, then you need an activity tracker! And of all the brands out there, the Fitbit is one of the most popular -- and for good reason! If you're thinking about buying one for yourself, we've got some tips on how to make Fitbit your best fitness buddy.


What's The Best Fitbit For You? 

Fitbit devices come in so many models, shapes, colors, and designs! There's even a stylish Tory Burch collection for the fashionistas out there! So firstly, start by figuring out exactly which Fitbit model is right for you.
For simple step, calorie, and distance tracking, you may want to consider the Fitbit Zip.  This is a basic clip-on tracker that you can place on your shoe or collar. If you need a clip that does a bit more than the Zip model, then the Fitbit One would be your choice. The Fitbit Flex and Charge, on the other hand, are more advanced, are worn on the wrist (or as a necklace if you go for a Tory Burch Flex collection) and can track not only steps, calories, and distance, but also your sleep. Finally, the Charge HR and Surge can monitor your heartbeat, in addition to all the other features.  These trackers also have a sophisticated display, text notifications, and even built-in GPS tracking. 


How To Use Your Fitbit

Using a Fitbit is simple. All you have to do is wear it! It'll automatically track all the data which you can then sync manually to a Fitbit program on your computer or automatically via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Keep in mind that now and then a software update may become available for your Fitbit, so be sure to install it as needed to keep your Fitbit operating just as it should.


Taking On a Fitbit Challenge

Fitbit makes staying active fun by giving you the option to partake in all kinds of different Fitbit challenges. For example, you can compete with friends and family to see who can get the most steps per day, over the weekend, or from Monday through Friday. It's a great way to motivate yourself further and enjoy some friendly competition! But if your friends prefer other fitness devices, you can still take advantage of highly motivational and fun contests by connecting to them on platforms, such as inKin.




How To Add Friends On Fitbit

Adding friends on Fitbit is easy with your smartphone. Just make sure you have the Fitbit app downloaded; then, tap the "friends" tab in the main menu and tap the plus sign on the screen. From there, you can add Fitbit friends via your phone contacts, Facebook, or email. You and your friends can then share your badges earned and steps per day. There's even a fun "cheer" and "taunt" feature that you can use to encourage (or annoy) your friends!


More Information at Fitbit.com

If you have questions about your Fitbit or need assistance, the Fitbit.com website has all kinds of great resources. They're known for having excellent customer service, whether you have a quick question or are having a problem with your device. Simply call them or send an email for a prompt response.


Join The Fitbit Community

Once you have a Fitbit, you'll also be able to join the online Fitbit community. Here, you can find new friends to follow using the Fitbit app and post questions to the forum. A lot of people use the Fitbit forum as a means of getting questions about their device answered in addition to staying motivated and on top of their goals.


What If Your Fitbit Isn't Syncing?

One relatively common problem that Fitbits can run into is that the device is not syncing. This can be frustrating when you want your data to upload from your tracker to your smartphone! When this happens, there are several steps you can follow:

  1. Start by checking if your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. If it is, consider shutting the Bluetooth off and turning it back on. 
  2. If that still doesn't work, you can restart your Fitbit by plugging into your computer using the USB dongle that's included in the package. Once it's plugged in, just hold the power button down on your Fitbit for 10-15 seconds until it restarts. From there, you should be able to sync again without issue and continue tracking your fitness goals!


Photo Credit: Fitbit

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