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by inKin
07 Aug

Fun And Active Challenges To Do With Friends

Feeling a bit bored this summer? We've got you covered with a plethora of fun inKin challenges to do with friends, family or colleagues.

Summer and summer vacation remind us of the long days of school holidays with nothing to do except for hanging around with friends, killing time and enjoying our boundless freedom. 

Thanks to all kind of social media - from Twitter and Facebook to Snapchat and Youtube, modern days teenagers have plenty ways of self-entertainment. And one of the most popular searches on Youtube and Google is “Challenges to do with friends”. The result to that query often shows funny and silly things to do, such as swimming in the cold water, drawing with eyes closed, speaking with different accents (not to mention something extremely dangerous), etc. These activities do sound like fun, but they also seem to be time-wasting.  So in case you find these 'Youtube' challenges a bit too much, we've got you covered with a plethora of inKin challenges to do with friends, family or colleagues.  Our community members created all these contests, so we guarantee that not only they are competitive and fun, but also help you do something that your body is going to be very grateful for! 


1. The “Mythbusters” challenge (100k steps in a day)

Challenge 100K steps on inKin Social Fitness Platform

Would you dare to walk 100,000 steps in a day? We all thought this was impossible, but we actually have the testimonial of a super hero that walked 100,000 steps in a day on our blog. And if you think that's incredible wait until we tell you that he managed to repeat this tremendous exercise for the second time taking his super wife Yulia along with him! 


2. inKin Rookies Challenge 2016

Rookie fitness challenge on inKin Social Fitness Platform

For those who are unsure they can handle 100,000 steps a day (I know I am), or have just recently joined inKin, we have an easier challenge, which only consists of walking 5,000 steps a day. Apart from being more achievable, this introductory challenge gives you the feeling of inKin and helps you meet our fantastic community!


3. inKin Fitness Warrior Challenge 2016

Fitness Warrior Challenge on inKin Social Fitness Platform

225 people have already joined this challenge. Would you and you friends be one of these warriors who dare to walk 10,000 steps a day? I must be honest with you, we've run some experiments, and it turns out that meeting this 'everybody-talks-about-it goal' is easier than you think. Here's how.


4. Disney Battle August or September

Disney August Fitness Challenge on inKin Social Fitness PlatformDisney September Fitness Challenge on inKin Social Fitness Platform

It has all started with Disney Battle June and Disney Battle July, and of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world! These team battle competitions make you achieve your goals in the group of like-minded people - whether it's Peter Pan's, Donald Duck's, Alice's, Mulan's or Tigger's fans. So if you miss those school vacations, jump in in our August or September releases to show who's the boss in the Disney kingdom.

Needless to say that our community could not avoid getting into the Pokémon fever, so we have 2 amazing challenges to participate in while on Pokémon hunt:


5. Pokémon Go! - Distance

Pokemon Go Fitness Competition on inKin Social Fitness Platform

This team battle starts on August, 1 and will last until September, 30 this year - will the Pokémon Go fever last that long? Only time will show us.

But for now why not enjoy the sweet taste of the victory while catching Pokemons? This inKin challenge tracks the distance covered and you can choose the team that you prefer to compete in: 1) 'Bulbasaur',  2) 'I don´t play Pokémon Go', 3) 'Pikachu', 4) 'Charmander',  and 5) 'Squirtle'. Guess what? “I don´t play Pokémon Go” team is kicking everyone's asses so far.


6. Pokémon Go! - Number of steps

Pokemon Go Fitness Team Battle on inKin Social Fitness Platform

This alternative Pokémon Go challenge takes into account the number of steps, and you don´t need to join a team to compete, as this is an individual competition. As some of you may know, the game Pokémon Go! does encourage you to walk or run after the little creatures, so why not count the number of steps you take while you hunt? 

As you all can see, there are some funny challenges to do with friends that will actually have a positive effect on you and will also make you feel better about yourself or your body, so join inKin today if you haven´t done it yet and start competing with your friends!


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