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by inKin
10 Jul

How To Easily Reach Your 10.000 Steps A Day Goal

10,000 steps a day - a standard benchmark we see in the fitness tracker community. But how do we find ways to achieve 10k steps in a single day?

How long will it take? You might not believe it, but it's actually quite achievable. Let’s break it down a little and talk about how to make 10,000 steps in a day using a treadmill. Why a treadmill? It takes out the excuse of it being too hot, too cold, raining, snowing, etc. We want to make it simple and consistent for as many readers as possible. However, you can always substitute a little outdoor walking or other activity if necessary.

Why are 10,000 steps a day so important? Most of us spend their day sitting at a desk, on a sofa or in many ways not moving around much. Research shows that living a sedentary lifestyle is a leading contributor to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and so much more. By engaging in at least a little bit of activity, we will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing these conditions. We know 10,000 sounds like it would take some of you all day to achieve. So we broke it down for you so you can see it’s a bit quicker than some might think.

How does one reach 10,000 steps on a treadmill? Let’s look at the math. The average person walks about 3000 steps a day. That’s a little less than 2 miles. So right there most of us already have a head start toward reaching that 10k mark with about 7000 steps remaining. Now it’s time to step on that treadmill.

For the purpose of the article, we are going to use an average number of steps. We have also attached a chart so you can more closely calculate your individual step rate based on your height. The average person takes 2250 steps per mile, which takes approximately 20 minutes to accomplish. At this pace, it will take about 1 ½ hours to reach 10,000. If you did nothing else all day, you could still achieve your 10k goal in about an hour and a half. That’s doing nothing and then stepping on a treadmill. Not too bad!

But if we already are getting about 3k per day with the regular activity we only need 7k on the treadmill, right? That means that it will only take about 1 hour to hit our goal of 10k steps. This isn’t 1 hour of intense, rigorous exercise -  this is 1 hour of steady walking on a treadmill where you can read a book, catch up on some of you favorite shows or listen to your favorite music -  whatever you like. Multi-tasking is highly encouraged here; we challenge you to find an additional use of this 60 minutes.




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There are plenty of other options for increasing your steps daily as well. No matter where you are, you can add in steps. Here are a few other options for stepping it up!

  • Set an alarm on phone to get up and walk around the office each hour (or simply get a device with the idle control and reminders).

  • Commit to walking, schedule it into your day.

  • Forget the elevator exists, always take the stairs.

  • Take the dog for a walk, or meet up and walk with a friend.

  • Walk the kids to school or bus stop instead of driving them.

Hopefully, this makes the idea of reaching 10,000 steps a day a little more achievable for you and less scary. It seems like a lot, but the biggest thing is to find any way during your day to at least get a few more steps in your daily routine. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, try one of our various fitness challenges and competitions - it's always more fun and motivating to do it along with the crowd of great people!

Be sure to let us know what kind of things you like to do during your treadmill stepping. Reading, watching TV, talking with friends or family? We would love to hear from you.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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