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by Zara
30 Jun

Top All-Time Music Hits To Keep You Pumped In The Gym

You like going to the gym for your workouts. But you’re having trouble staying motivated? Try changing your playlist!


As with everything else, there are different kinds of music for different workouts. There are several reasons why exercise and music go hand in hand too:

  • Music makes you work harder. It’s been proven that moderate exercisers and cyclists will exert themselves more while listening to songs that have 120-140 beats per minute (bpm) or higher.
  • Rhythm assists with keeping your pace. With self-paced exercises like lifting weights or jogging on the treadmill, rhythm is essential. If you already have proper rhythm, it'll aid you in staying in time and using energy effectively. However, you'll want to keep away from songs that change tempo—that could throw off your momentum! 
  • Music gets you into your groove! Who’s ever listened to a great song with a super beat and not wanted to start moving? No one! You just have to get up and move which could lead you to be in an exercise-friendly frame of mind.
  • Music distracts you. Listening to music while working out could make you less conscious of that workout. It’s been proven that music will raise your fitness performance by 15%. This improvement in exertion is fantastic for overall health as well as your exercise program.
  • Music gets you “in the zone”. This is what’s known as the “Rocky Effect”. If there’s a special song that fills you with the excitement and power to “punch” through your fitness routine, then listen to it on the way to the gym and you’ll be eager to exercise when you arrive!
  • Music will put you in a happy mood. You've had a bad day, are in a bad mood and not looking forward to your workout. But selecting a cheerful song will put you in good spirits and your workout won't be so much of a chore anymore. 

It’s hard to choose songs for a playlist because everyone has a different opinion. That’s why this list is comprised of the all-time top hit music tracks for your workouts. There should be something for everyone here!


Warm Up

A warm up is important for any exercise and the right warm up music is just as significant. You need to begin slowly with stretches and light walking and work up to increasing your heart rate for the more intense stuff.  Thus, you should listen to music that has normal rhythmic patterns and anticipated energy. Here are a few good warm up songs for your playlist:


Strength Training/Weight Lifting

When you want to feel that burn, you will rather opt for workout music that'll make you feel powerful! These tunes will get you to that place you need to be to concentrate on getting toned.


Cardio Exercise

No matter if you're using the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical or rowing machine for your cardio, you want to get the most from your music. You should consider choosing melodies in a low tempo for the first few minutes of your workout; then build in intensity and speed with faster songs. This will assure that you have a superior workout tailored for you.


Cool Down

You’ve come to the end of your program—great job! But hold on, you need to do a cool down first! A steady slow-down of exercise instead of stopping abruptly helps to prevent injuries and decreases soreness after a high-impact workout. The tunes for this section of your fitness routine should be a softer tempo. This will urge you to slow down mentally as well as physically.


Not everyone likes the same type of music, but no matter what exercise routine you're going to do, you'll find that perfect blend of songs that'll inspire you during your customized workouts. These songs listed here most likely aren't for everyone; they're just a guideline for what kinds of songs and tempos work well with particular exercises in addition to the state of mind you should be in when starting that specific workout. Look for tunes that'll be challenging for you yet not overexerting. Together, exercise and music are enjoyable; so, above all, remember to have fun!

Don't' forget to share your favorites in the comments;)


Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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