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by inKin
27 Nov

Top 10 Fitness Trackers For Runners. Part II

Runners are always looking for ways to improve their performance. The good news is that there are several fitness trackers out there built for them.

We delved into the first five of ten of the best fitness trackers for runners before. Come with us now, as we review the last five!


1. Polar V800

Price: $499.95

Polar V800 | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Dcrainmaker 

This tracker is ideal if you’re an outdoorsy type. The V800 may look chunkier than TomTom’s running watches or Garmin’s Forerunners with its broad rubber strap and thick body of stainless steel, but this tracker will definitely be able to handle roughness! It’s a bit heavy but not uncomfortably so. It’ll track everything you do on dry land using your two feet or two wheels. The extremely clear, customizable screens display metrics such as heart rate, pace, calories burned and distance. But the V800 is also an activity tracker, and you can see where your daily burned calories come from general activity, exercise or just being alive. The neat thing about this fitness tracker is it’ll keep going long after you’ve stopped! It’s equipped with Orthostatic Test and Recovery Status features which predict when you’re ready for training again. But it doesn’t stop there! If you can’t find time to run, there’s a running program that accommodates you and has fitness routines that’ll help with your recovery. Now that’s a real “smart” watch!

Release the watch’s zonal training intelligence to make sure you’re working out hard enough and connect the V800 with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor. To help you with your running performance you can get your stride length, cadence, and other insights if you connect the V800 to a shoe pod.

As we mentioned before in our blog posts, Polar Flow is one of the best tracking apps out there to help enhance your training.  Just be aware that the Polar Flow mobile app can feel a little cramped. But the range of options for you and the data you get can outweigh that negative.

The Polar V800 has a good sized battery to ensure long life. The staying power of this tracker matches with Garmin’s Forerunner watches—awesome! With the GPS on, the battery will last 13 hours before needing a charge; if you put it in GPS low power mode you’ll get 50 hours of use, and you’ll have power for two weeks if you leave it in standby mode.


2. Withings Activité Steel

Price: $149.95

Withings Activité Steel | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Withings      

The Activité Steel is pretty much the same design as its original sibling except this comfortable, light watch gives you a silicone strap instead of a leather one. If you’re willing to shell out extra money, you can choose from a variety of colors. Also like it’s sibling it doesn’t have a display screen but a normal watch face. While this may be a negative for some, most will find it a positive because not having a screen means an extra-long battery life of 6-8 months before the cell battery needs replacing. Wow!

Although there aren’t any notifications, the main features still exist; Withings likes to maintain focus on fitness, sleep, and health. On the watch face, there’s a third dial showing your now customizable daily goal’s progress; but it doesn’t give you a precise number. The Steel accurately tracks sleep and activity including burned calories, steps and distance via the Health Mate app; and, yes, there’s still a vibrating alarm.

Once you connect to the Health Mate app via Bluetooth, it seems to “know” when you’re running—which is kind of scary! It’ll show your activities in only days or weeks, though. When you’re in the day mode, you can check out each activity in addition to the time of day it was performed. Withings has now partnered with MyFitnessPal so you can link your data to raise your daily caloric allowance; but you have to be completely honest with MyFitnessPal to get accurate info—so no cheating! Another great feature of the Health Mate app is that you can add metrics which Activité can’t track using third-party apps like Apple Health or Google Fit.


3. Fitbit Surge

Price: $249.95

Fitbit Surge | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Trustedreviews

When you wear the durable, flexible Surge, you’ll discover this watch is a comfortable fit and it’s available in a few colors. Fitbit may have added smartphone notifications to its most powerful watch, yet the winning aspect is the Surge’s fitness ability. It has a durable rubber construction, and it’s Fitbit’s first tracker to contain a real display even if it’s just a black-and-white touchscreen—but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The neat thing about this Fitbit is that you don’t need your phone to track your runs thanks to the addition of a pretty accurate GPS. When you turn the GPS on you’ll be locked in quickly, and you can be off! You’ll receive displayed stats such as pace, time and distance or calories, steps and heartbeat. There’s a bunch of other sports you can select, and it’ll track regular activity too.

While you won’t need to charge the battery for a full week, the shining feature of this tracker is the Fitbit app. The running info shows performance and is very simple to understand. Even better, you’ll receive the whole benefit of your workout; the app shows step count, distance, climbed floors, present heart rate, burned calories, minutes active and it even lists all workouts you’ve done. You can pick a stat to see more info in the form of many graphs by day, week or month. All of these stats are smoothly added to your day-to-day goal. 


4. Microsoft Band 2

Price: $249.99

Microsoft Band 2 | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Microsoft

This watch is a water-resistant activity tracker with a battery life of 48 hours and is actually thicker than its predecessor. But the curved screen is a nice touch, and the multi-colored display is easy to use and read in any light.

The Microsoft Band 2 has loads of features including a step counter, notifications, constant heart monitor, GPS sports tracking, sleep monitor and more. The step counter is consistently accurate, particularly when it’s told what position and arm you’re wearing it on. The heart monitor is usually correct for resting rates; but for activity, it’s somewhat unreliable.  For runners, this could be the best choice of trackers with its many on-the-go metrics and terrific accuracy. Additionally, the display can be easily read while you’re running. Oh, and did we mention how cool the new split time buzz alerts are? After your run, all your metrics info is uploaded to the Health app; from there, the GPS maps out a route so you can see exactly where you ran. Amazing!

Microsoft Band 2 has an outstanding Health app. There’s a desktop version that provides really impressive information. Microsoft Health wants to make this your place to go for not only fitness but health information too. Data is collected from Microsoft phones and fitness trackers in addition to third-party apps like MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and Strava. While using the Health app you can view daily, weekly, or monthly trends which are determined by your info, observe your GPS routes, examine personal bests and search for, customize and sync workouts.


5. Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Price: $449.99

Garmin Forerunner 920XT | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Dcrainmaker 

This watch is bulky but shockingly light and comfortable. It may not be the most stylish—which seems to be standard for Garmin—but the 920XT is very functional. However, if you want accurate heart rate monitoring, it’s recommended that you purchase the HRM-Run chest strap.

The 920XT is chocked full of Garmin’s regular features and new features like notifications and Live Tracking. It’s marvelous for everyday activity tracking your burned calories, covered miles in a 24-hour period and steps. This watch wants you to enhance your running efficiency and form so it included an abundance of running dynamics consisting of Cadence, Vertical Oscillation and Ground Contact Time. You can even set alarms that are connected to a particular running cadence with the clever new feature called Metronome. If you’re a beginner runner, don’t worry there’s something for you too! Perform segments of runs with periods of walks in your sessions with the Run/Walk mode; it’ll assist with developing stamina and building distance. Pretty cool! For treadmill fanatics, Garmin hasn’t forgotten you either; this tracker captures wrist movement from your outside runs and utilizes that info to figure your distance and pace on the treadmill. When you compare it with your treadmill stats, it might not be completely accurate—but just being able to put your inside runs into your training info is a huge bonus!

All your info on your 920XT can be synced to Garmin Connect via Wi-Fi to the web automatically; likewise, it’s automatic with Bluetooth to your phone. You can also send your details to third-party apps such as Strava! There are many great features on this app that let you track, plan and review your workouts and the app even has a customizable homepage.

We’re guessing you’d like to know about battery life, right? Well, in normal training mode the battery will last about 24 hours without needing a charge; in UltraTrac mode roughly 40 hours; and in just watch mode around 4 months, but that depends on how often notifications are sent from your phone and your monitoring activity.


So there you have it. The finish line has appeared and now it’s up to you which one of these fine fitness trackers for runners you select. But if you think the decision will be too close to call then check out our Fitness Trackers Comparison Tool.


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