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18 Jun

Your Step-By-Step Guide To inKin Corporate Wellness Solution

Since you are here on our blog, you are probably already familiar with inKin as a social fitness platform that links results from all kinds of wearables and fitness apps to share gains and create a little healthy competition amongst friends, family, and even strangers. But let us explain a bit more about our Corporate Wellness Solution.


1. Getting Started

Starting the process for your company is easy. We have a free 7-day trial available that helps you evaluate the platform and its features before committing further. Once you sign up, the website offers you many tools to show you how to set up your interface and get your employees signed up. Easy-to-follow chatroom style posts walk you through step by step, with screenshots to help you out.

Once you register your company, you can customize your cover photo and start adding members. On the left side of your interface, you can add members one at a time by email address or upload a CSV file. The invitation process even lets you see if a guest has received the invite and lets you send it again if needed. Check out this detailed post for more information on inviting guests. Alternatively, you may send the link to your platform to your team so they can request to join your private wellness space once they sign up with inKin.


2. Accepting The Invites

Once your employees begin accepting their invitations, you can send them a User Guide that will walk them through the setup process. Your team members will need to accept the invite in their email and create an account. They can customize their account with the profile photo and start connecting devices like Samsung, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin, and others. 

If not all of your employees have a device, they can try inKin with one of these free phone app options:  Fitbit (iOS and Android), Mi Fit (iOS and Android) or Withings  (iOS and Android) apps as well as the Apple HealthKit. They can customize their account with the profile photo and start connecting devices like Samsung, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin, and others. 

One of the unique features of the inKin corporate solution is that users can choose whether they are interacting on the corporate platform or the general, community platform. This way they can use it to compete with friends and family, as well as at work through the corporate program.


3. Tags and Contests

Tags allow the person setting up the corporate account to create groupings: like marketing, sales, and customer service. Or you can create groups by location; like Denver officer, Phoenix office, and Atlanta office. One reason to use tags is the ability to share information with a specific group instead of everyone. For example, you could send a message to the marketing department like, "Hey guys! Join us for Yoga in the Park on Tuesday after the department meeting!". Tags also allow for there to be leaderboards within different tags and create contests within groups. 

Contests are a great motivator when it comes to social fitness. You can create contests on the left-hand side of your dashboard. The three types of contests offered are challenges (encouraging those involved to meet a daily or total goal), competitions (awarding the person with the highest metrics), and team battles which are competitions between groups.


4. Friendly Competition: The Leaderboard and The Stats

The leaderboard utilizes a variety of widgets to show which members are leading on various stats.  The Stats page include some non-personalized widgets that show your team's progress over time. You may even compare two time periods to see how your team is doing before and after the launch of your corporate wellness initiative. You can modify the time period for the leaderboard to view your team's performance for up to the last 90 days. The leaderboard and the stats can show data across the company and within tags. 

We hope that learning more about the inKin Corporate Wellness Solution gets you excited to share it with your employees. We want to make the experience as simple as possible for you, so we are always here for support via chat and email. We love your feedback as well so don't be shy to let us know what is and isn't working for you. We want inKin to promote wellness at your workplace and encourage camaraderie among your staff. For more information on our corporate wellness program, contact us today at inKin Social Fitness. 



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