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inKin Social Fitness Platform
inKin Social Fitness Platform
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iHealth focuses on health and body vitals. Their award-winning product line includes fitness trackers, smart scales, a variety of blood pressure monitors and glucometers. iHealth is the best option for connecting your senior family members to inKin.


iHealth Edge monitors steps, distance, activity and sleep.The iHealth MyVitals app keeps all your data and allows to share it with a doctor or caregiver.


This wireless iHealth Lite scale automatically records weight and BMI and sends results straight to the free iHealth MyVitals app.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


iHealth’s Wireless Body Analysis Scale can determine weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and body water using four metal sensors.


iHealth Core is yet another simple-to-use smart scale by that tracks your body weight, fat and visceral fat, water, muscle and bones mass.


iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter allows to check blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse which you can view instantly on the device’s LCD display or the on app.


This small and easy-to-use wrist blood pressure monitor has advanced motion-sensor technology that reads your systolic, diastolic and pulse rate.


iHealth’s Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor measures systolic, diastolic and pulse rate, with results being sent directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.