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by inKin
04 Jul

How To Discover Hidden Talents In Your Team Through Social Fitness

Have you noticed that everyone in the office is sporting a fitness band these days?

Why not take advantage of it? You already know that promoting employee fitness can have a number of benefits, including health-related savings as fewer employees are sick, increased employee engagement, and happier, more productive employees. Tackling office-wide social fitness challenges, however, can have some increased benefits for your office.



1. Unlock The Inner Cheerleader

There's someone in your office who is amazing at motivating people and encouraging them to reach their goals. The problem? You might have no idea who it is. This person is skilled at discerning who needs a little extra push, who is in need of positive feedback, and who has done a fantastic job that needs to be recognized. When you institute a social fitness challenge at work through smart corporate wellness programs, you'll watch that inner cheerleader emerge with a vengeance. The next time a project comes up that has everyone pulling their hair out, you'll know who to put in charge of cheering everyone up!


2. Discover The Team Players

When it comes down to competition, some people are cutthroat, in it to win it, and determined to smash everyone else down. If someone's step counts creep above their own, they'll be finding excuses for that person to sit in one place while they pace laps around the office. On the flip side of that, however, are people who want everyone to succeed. These are the people that you want to be part of groups and teams that rely on one another later. 

Online team building allows you to identify these members via simple games and fun activities and apply that invaluable knowledge in work-related tasks later.


3. Build Better Partnerships

Which people naturally gravitate toward one another when the time comes to go for a walk on their lunch break or hit the gym immediately after work? Which employees encourage one another, from offering suggestions about the parking spot that's furthest away from the building to finding ways to add a few extra steps to their day together? Some people will get silly with it: marching in place at their desks or having a mini dance session in the break room, for example. Others will be more serious about it. Keep an eye on the employees who naturally form a rapport with one another throughout the challenge. Those employees are also forming a relationship that will allow them to work together more effectively.


4. Find The Best Cooks

When you're in the middle of a fitness challenge, no one wants to chow down on unhealthy snacks and treats. Suddenly, the break room is filled with healthy alternatives. Whether you're having a potluck lunch or celebrating a birthday, the best healthy cooks on your team will bring in treats that leave everyone begging for the recipe. Pass those recipes around to increase everyone's overall health and wellbeing! Be sure, however, that you keep an eye out for the cheaters--those who will use the potluck as an excuse to bring in their least healthy recipe under the guise of "sharing it with everyone." 


5. See Creativity In Action

Some employees are going to take the challenge more literally than others. You'll see some who simply go out of their way to walk as often as possible: going for a walk at lunch, taking some time to go for a walk after work, or arriving early to check out the walking trail. Others will be more creative about their movements. Watch your employees learn who is willing to use creative means to go that extra mile. You'll be surprised by what you learn about them in the process!


The wide selection of corporate wellness challenges offers something for everyone. When you engage in a corporate wellness program across your corporation, you aren't just encouraging your employees to be healthier. You're also learning more about them and urging them to show a side of themselves that they might not ordinarily bring to the workplace. Fitness challenges only cost as much as your prizes, making the benefits well worth the effort you'll put forth. So, why not create your corporate wellness platform today?



Photo Credit: Bigstockphoto

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