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30 Apr

Top 3 Corporate Wellness Solutions for a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

With more and more businesses looking for ways to improve their employees' health and wellness, and productivity, corporate wellness has gained traction this past year. Banana bread making and TikTok binging don't do the trick anymore.

And while this (maybe temporary) rise of remote working has amplified the importance of corporate wellness, it doesn't mean that it wasn't popular even before this new turn. Back in 2018, the global corporate wellness industry had a whopping $54 bn market value.

So with or without remote working, corporate wellness has become a must for businesses that value their employees' physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Let's look into this lifesaver during these "crying times" (borrowed from the queen of comedy Tina Fey) and beyond. 

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness comes in different forms. But, essentially, they all have the same endgame: the improvement of the employees' health and the company performance by granting physical, psychological, and social wellness.

We also recommend checking the guide about how corporate wellness programs help businesses.

What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs help businesses accomplish the goals set by the corporate wellness concept. There's a sea of programs out there ready to be explored: From health management and nutrition programs to stress management; from experience-oriented to interactive; from collective to individual; from office-bound to outside the workplace; from theoretical to practical.

So how on earth should you decide which type of program to choose? Easy as pie. Look inwards and study your company. Identify the main problems and try to find a program that provides solutions to these problems. 

Benefits of Having a Corporate Wellness Program

The advantages of corporate wellness programs are plenty. But here are three assets that every program should include:


  • Increased motivation through competition: Choosing a wellness program that allows employees to participate in a competition with coworkers, friends, relatives, or even strangers can be a great catalyst for staying physically active.


  • Reduced health costs through physical health: Health promotion is critical for avoiding unnecessarily excessive absenteeism and health care costs. With programs aimed at smoking cessation, disease management, and weight loss, employees are encouraged to take better care of their physical condition and avoid unhealthy habits.

Top 3 Corporate Wellness Solutions

Now, if you're on board and ready to ride this wave of corporate wellness, here are the créme de la créme solutions this industry has to offer. 

1. inKin

Yes, we're that kind of blog--we're shamelessly and guiltlessly self-promoting. We're that convinced of ourselves. But at least we're open about it. That should earn us some brownie points. 

inKin's wellness platform combines constructive competition with inspirational team spirit. 

So putting our money where our mouth is, let's take a look at the perks inKin's wellness program has to offer:     

  1. A little competition can go a long way. With inKin, coworkers can stay engaged with each other (while socially distancing, of course) through fun and friendly contests. So our platform helps improve physical and mental health while providing team-building opportunities at the same time. Users compete over "fair" metrics (steps, distances, calories, sleep, and water intake, etc.), making it fun and inclusive for everyone and not just a specific group of people. 
  2. In the spirit of combining competition with engagement, people can track each other's activities and achievements via our Leaderboard, which is a great way to keep everybody motivated and invested in staying on top of their game. Should you feel the urge to share other things with your teammates, such as fun revelations, new recipes, workouts, images of you keeping up with a challenge, and whatnot, use the News Feed. It's the place where you can let your imaginations run wild. 

Start our 7-day free trial, and see for yourself!


2. Sonic Boom Wellness

Sonic Boom isn't just a sound so loud it'll put the fear of God into you; it also happens to be a wellness program that'll "make daily health-habit improvement FUN." Their primary mission is to reach the "unreachables," a term coined by yours truly referring to those who have built up immunity against fitness and health-related activities over the years. Surely by now, in the midst of a pandemic, we've all been there.  

It's a noble mission that comes with engaging challenges, customization options, fun and flexible incentives, and much more. 

Sonic Boom offers three programs:

  • Engagement Modules consisting of customizable contests and socially stimulating gaming;
  • Incentive Management offering flexible rewards and recognition tools; and
  • My Health featuring a proprietary health assessment, fully integrated biometric screenings, and in-house lifestyle coaching.

Head over to their site and request a demo to check the tool out for yourself. 


3. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is one of the leading corporate wellness programs out there. 

They provide four different solutions—Homebase for Health, Wellbeing Engagement, Condition Management, and Benefits Navigation—each taking on goals ranging from team-wide competitions and (chronic) condition management to increased benefit awareness and management.

If you want to find out more about this mobile-first solution, you can "request more information," which you'll receive via email. A free trial is, as of now, not available. 

There are our recommendations. Take your pick!





Photo Credit: Unsplash

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