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01 Oct

A Self Care List With 61 Fab Ideas (Besides Brushing Your Teeth)

It is fall season! Daily self-care is something you might have forgotten to do during summer time. One big perk of entering the colder and calmer months of the year is that it offers lots of time for self-reflection and self-care. If you’re not sure about how and where to start, we’ve compiled a self-care list of 61 tips to follow. So take a look and get inspired.


Lifestyle self care checklist


1. Reclaim your weekends.

Most people are caught up in work during the week that they rarely find the time to take care of basic chores such as running errands, cleaning the house, going to the hairdresser. While we relate entirely and understand the importance of these tasks, we urge you to break this pattern and bring some delightful distractions to your life. So the first thing you can add to your self-care checklist is planning at least one fun activity for the weekend.


2. Wake up early.

One of the perks of sleeping early is waking up early. Getting enough sunlight makes your days longer, gives you more energy, and brings some light into your days. Make a habit of enjoying those calm mornings and taking time for yourself.



3. Surround yourself with plants. 

While some people get themselves flowers, we find it more fulfilling to add new plants to your home. It’s a must item on our self-care routine checklist because it adds more structure to your daily life. While being the one who has to nourish the plants and ensure that they’re receiving enough light and water, it will bring a lot of satisfaction to watch something grow. It gives you a sense of accomplishment while serving as a fantastic decoration. 


4. Indulge in culture.

While busy with work, daily chores, and keeping up with news and trends, people often neglect to nourish their need for a recharge, and by consequence, their need for new thoughts and inspirations. Cultural events, such as concerts, ballets, and art exhibitions, are important portals to explore life in its various forms. So make sure to add this to your weekly self-care checklist and dedicate every other weekend to cultural activities.


5. Read a book that reflects your mood.

One of the mistakes we tend to make is reading a book that does not complement our current situation. At various stages in life, different stories and types of knowledge will be more captivating for you. So, if you want to stop the habit of quitting books, listen to your sub-conscience, consider your emotional state and cater to it. 


6. Use your hands.

Arts and crafts can have healing power. Using your hands and creating something new and tangible can be highly fulfilling and an excellent relief for your brain. Instead of being constantly lost in your thoughts, you can channel them and focus them on creating something new.