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31 Aug

Top 25 Healthy Habits: Start Today!

Another summer is coming to an end. Unfortunately, for some people, this also marks an end to healthy habits. Embracing the sweater weather while gradually slipping into a cozy mode can be a blissful balance to the long and, at times, hectic days of summer. This article offers 25 simple health tips to guide you through the next few months to ensure that these calmer times don't lead to less activity and more indulgence.


Table Of Contents


Mental Health Habits


1. Digital detox


Not only will your eyes, neck, back, and thumbs thank you, but your mental health will very much welcome a break from a world of unrealistic lifestyles, apocalyptic news, and endless ads. 

While the digital age has many benefits, it also comes with many distractions from being in the moment and connecting to your surroundings.


2. Mind the mind


Meditation helps you combat blockades, tensions, and stress in your nerve system through deep relaxation. This allows your mind to be free and clear and your psyche more balanced and harmonized. 

Many people refrain from taking some time for meditation because they haven't experienced its power. Others don't know how to do it right. 

Generally, changing habits is hard. But, lucky for you, you can start with guided meditations that will help you meditate to your heart's content. If you don't know where to start, check out Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts's meditation and thank us later. 


3. Good ol' me time


We sometimes illude ourselves into thinking that the busier we are and the more company we enjoy, the happier we will be. But being social can sometimes be energy-draining. So making sure to plan some days off from your social engagements will help you recharge and focus on your wellness.


man in gray shirt sits on cliff


4. "A reader lives a thousand lives."


Game of Thrones fans most likely know this quote by world-famous author George R.R. Martin: "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one."

Reading a lot not only will allow you to explore different worlds, but it will also open your mind to new world views, expand your intellect and help you grow emotionally. It doesn't matter what stage in your life you're in; we guarantee you there's a book for everything! 


5. Hard-task-first mentality


Another healthy habit is starting your days by tackling complex tasks first. Getting what you dread the most done first thing in the morning will make the rest of your day way more enjoyable and stress-free. 


6. Life is a balancing act


Your choice of healthy habits to start isn't complete until you ensure a balance between your work and personal life. 


people doing yoga in front of a blue wall


Naturally, it's not all black and white. There will be some phases where your work will require more attention and others where your personal life has higher priority. And that's okay, provided it doesn't become a habit. 

Just keep reminding yourself that being overworked and pulling late-night shifts at work isn't a flex. Know when it's time to go home and turn off work-related notifications. 


Healthy Eating Habits


7. Opt for a healthier alternative for coffee


Waking up and sipping some coffee is a morning ritual that a lot of people swear by. And we get it. But have you ever thought about making a switch from coffee to another beverage that has the same energizing effect but is a tad healthier for you? Scratch that- a lot healthier! 

Green tea, like coffee, contains caffeine. The main difference is that your body takes in the caffeine from green tea slower than coffee and can store it for longer. 

Additionally, green tea is packed with antioxidants, which is why it's said to have a healing effect, too.


8. Don't skip breakfast


Easier said than done. But still, we can't emphasize the importance of starting your day with something nutritious. 

If you simply lack appetite in the mornings, don't force yourself to eat more than your body requires. Instead, just keep it light and healthy: whether it's your favorite fruit or muesli bar, it'll do the trick.


9. Make water irresistible 


Drinking plenty of water is incredibly important to stay hydrated and have a steady blood sugar level. The tricky thing about water is that we tend to forget about it if we do not skirt with thirst. 

To turn hydration into an integral part of your daily routine, we recommend you pimp up your water glass or bottle. Turn it into an irresistible accessory you always want to carry with you wherever you are. That way, we guarantee you won't forget about drinking water that easily. 


10. Healthy snacks to go! 


You won't have to worry about keeping up your healthy habits if you always carry some healthy snacks. Whether it's carrots, apples, or nuts, it doesn't matter. They're healthy, small, don't take much space in your bag, and you can always mix them up to keep things interesting. 


close up of a blueberry


11. Develop healthy eating habits


When thinking about how to develop healthy eating habits people usually assume that they have to undergo big lifestyle changes. But they really don't. 

You don't have to turn your eating habits upside down completely. All it takes is mixing unprocessed food into your diet once in a while. Simply adding some vegetables, fruits, or whole-grain products will do wonders. 

Don't know how to start and need some inspiration? Don't you despair; we've got you covered. Just check out our list of 101 Best Healthy Foods to Eat that'll get you going.  

If you feel that you want to more than just add some healthy snacks to your daily routine, then scroll through our superfood series to find recipes and enjoy some delicious culinary delights. 


12. Stay in for dinner


There are tons of reasons we so easily give in to the desire to eat out: we lack time or motivation to cook or want a change of scenery. While going out for dinner can be a delight, it can very quickly become a regular habit that'll eventually cost you a lot and make the act of going out less special. 

To avoid this, try to make a habit of cooking at home. Cooking is something that everybody can learn. You can start with the simplest of recipes and work yourself up to preparing unique culinary delights. 

Eating something you've cooked yourself simply tastes different. Trust us. 


Improved Lifestyle Habits


13. Oil for your teeth


Sounds disgusting? Don't judge a book by its cover. 

You can use olive, sunflower, coconut oil, or whatever you feel most comfortable with. Make sure to rinse your mouth with the oil for at least 10 minutes and suck it through your teeth to make sure that the oil gets all the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that might be in your mouth. 

Spit it out, clean your teeth, and you'll have healthier teeth and gum. It is also said to be good for preventing bad breath and gum bleeding


14. Explore the outdoors


Another healthy lifestyle habit to add to your list is stepping outside more often. Breathing in some fresh air and clearing your mind isn't just an excellent way to keep physically active. It's also a great way to take a break from all your responsibilities for a little while and let yourself get distracted by new thoughts, new impressions, and the overall serenity of nature. 


man in black jacket standing near body of water during daytime


15. Pick a sports routine that lasts


Nowadays, there's a popular trend of people hitting the gym, preferably with a personal trainer to guide and motivate them. But this type of fitness isn't necessarily everybody's cup of tea, which is why they end up quitting spots altogether. 

So you must figure out what type of physical activity best suits your preferences. For example, some people swear by (at-home) yoga, while others prefer to do some dance routines. 

Then some people are all about walking. Have you seen all these people wearing smartwatches? This handy invention (did you catch the pun?) allows them to keep track of their steps. 

If you're looking to join this trend, you can use the inKin wellness platform. You can download the app, pick health metrics to monitor (steps, calories, etc.), connect it to your device (smartphone or smartwatch), and march on! 


16. A good night's sleep


Trying to sleep at least seven hours straight is a struggle most of us know way too well. If you're caught in a cycle of working late, then staying up late to be able to have at least a few relaxing, fun hours before you go to sleep and start a new day full of work can be challenging. Add other factors, such as social engagements, social media, and house chores, and it can seem out of the horizon. 

Avoiding screen time before going to bed, having a bedtime routine, and keeping a steady work-life balance can work wonders. 


17. It's time to quit


This practically goes without saying and is a must. Quit smoking now, and you reduce your risk of lung cancer, high heart rate, and blood pressure.


18. Sober up


Having a glass of wine every other night is no biggie; killing an entire bottle, on the other hand, is. What smoking does to your lung, alcohol will do to your liver. 

Overly high consumption of alcohol can lead to carcinoma in the liver, gall bladder, and esophagus.


19. A wellness spa is what you make of it


Whether it's family obligations, job responsibilities, or the transition to remote work, it's essential to explore new ways that will help you relax and find some peace of mind. 

A wellness spa can be your salvation in times of stress. But, of course, not everyone has the time or the financial capacity for regular wellness spa visits. That's when it comes in handy to turn your home into your spa. For example, you don't have to step outside of your own four walls to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy


20. Music and chill


Do you find yourself in an endless look of listing to the same music? Or maybe you're so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you don't find the time to listen to music anymore? 


man playing guitar on the stage


We get it. But music can strongly affect your emotional state and act as a stimulator for your brain. That's why we can't emphasize enough the importance of taking time and cultivating your musical preferences. 


21. Sitting is the new smoking


"Sitting is the new smoking" is a statement first coined by Dr. James A. Levine and has been confirmed by many experts since then. Sedentary behavior adversely affects your body in multiple ways. 

To avoid obesity, back pain, and other harmful outcomes, make sure to include regularly standing and walking every other hour. Whether it's little trips to the water dispenser or the bathroom, it doesn't matter. Just make sure not to skip these little activities. 


22. Healthy living habits


Keeping your house clean is a tricky business because your home doesn't turn into a mess in a matter of one day. No, it starts will little things you postpone because they're so tiny and your home still looks nice. But these little things eventually pile up and make it harder for you to find the necessary motivation to clean your apartment. 

That's why to try to clean just a little bit every day to avoid a big heap of mess. 


23. Always look for new hobbies


One way how to build healthy habits is by being interested in exploring new things. Looking for new hobbies won't just expand your skillset; it'll also give you new goals, new impetus to always have a big appetite for life. It's also a great way of distancing yourself from stressful aspects of life. 


24. Take the stairs


If you're physically in good shape, try avoiding escalators and elevators as much as possible as a new healthy habit. However, don't let machines rob you of some beneficial bonus cardio workout that'll burn unnecessary calories.


architectural structure photography of spiral stairs


25. Dance like nobody is watching


Now and then, break out into dance. It's an excellent habit to have because it will release endorphins, put you in a good mood, and add some movement and good vibes to your day.


Starting some new healthy habits doesn't have to involve a major lifestyle change. Likewise, you don't have to change habits completely. Just jumpstart some healthy living habits by adding a few simple good habits to your daily routine, and you're all set.


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Photo Credit: Unsplash

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