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Fitbug is relatively new to the fitness tracker game, founded in 2005; however it has some big support systems behind it from the likes of LA Fitness, and an ex Bupa Managing Director. Fitbug claims not to be obsessed with diets and gyms, but rather wants to encourage realistic goals for people to become more active.


Fitbug Orb is a button-sized device that can be worn anywhere and does a fair amount of work, from tracking activity 24/7 to monitoring sleep patterns too.


Fitbug Air is the first Bluetooth ‘smartbug’, which means you can send data from the Fitbug Air to your smartphone or tablet, and view it live on screen.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


Fitbug Go lets you stay on track, monitor your progress and upload your strides with just one-click. Connect your device to your PC or Mac using the USB cable provided to upload your data. Set up your own personalized weekly step goals and healthy eating targets on Your personal pages will also give you access to recipes, inspirational articles, challenges to compete in, support from the Fitbug community and, most importantly, your achievements.

Wow Scales

These smart scales are Bluetooth enabled and will record all your data and personal stats, then instantly upload it to your Fitbug app.