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Wearables »   Nokia Health

Nokia Health

Nokia smart products combine unique design and cutting edge functionality. Their activity trackers, scales for adults and babies, a sleep monitor and a blood pressure device are great additions to a healthy family lifestyle.

Body Cardio

This scales exceeds all expectations. Not only does it measure weight, BMI and body fat, but also monitors water percentage, both muscle and bone mass.


Nokia stylish Blood Pressure Monitor measures systolic, diastolic and pulse rate, and syncs with Health Mate app and Withings Cloud via Bluetooth.
Social Fitness
Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.


This wireless blood pressure monitor from Nokia measures pulse and BP and gives colour-coded feedback, based on expert recommendations for hypertension.


Nokia Go automatically tracks walk, run, swim, sleep, and time. But apart from previous generations, it has E InkTM display and a long-lasting battery.


Nokia Steel is so stylish you can't tell if it's a tracker or a fancy watch. It combines the strength of steel with the practicality of silicone strap.


These smart scales can be programmed for up to eight different users, to provide customised, advanced weight management solutions.

Steel HR

This hybrid wristwatch has a sophisticated analogue face, with a wide range of leather, woven and silicone straps and different faces, sizes and colours.